Let’s face facts - Honesty is the best policy. You can’t make sound online growth decisions for your business unless you understand exactly where your website stands in its current form. We’ll provide a clinical, intuitive review of your current website and make recommendations for maximising your online opportunities. Best of all - There’s NO CHARGE.
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Your business website is often the first place people visit when they are deciding whether you are worth dealing with or not. You only get one chance to make a great first impression so it's worth getting it right the first time.

Our high performance website solutions build trust, convert browsers into buyers and provide the platform for repeat business.
We recognize that your business is as unique as you are. Our priority is to gain a clear understanding of your brand's personality, what sets you apart and the reasons prospects should select you over your competitors. Armed with this vital information, our strategists develop a complete website solution to funnel your clients from inquiry to sale and beyond.
Further still, we can track your visitor's behaviour to make informed recommendations to maximize your website's performance as your business grows. When you’ve seen as many websites as we have that are delivering substandard engagement, conversions and results, it makes sense to invest in a turbo-charged website that generates sales while you are sleeping and makes you money rather than costing you money.

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In business - time is money and the principle certainly applies when it comes to your website being up and visible for your prospects to research and buy. It’s not worth risking your primary digital workhorse to substandard hosting - If you’re website’s not live - you’re not open for business.
We’ve developed a range of packages to suit online businesses, small and large alike. The process starts with understanding your needs. If you want secure hosting you can count on, talk with one of our strategists today on 1800 770 781.


Website Design

Making Your Website Design Work For Your Business

Website design is a funny thing, as any business owner will tell you. As consumers have moved to shop and research their purchases more and more online, there’s no doubt that websites aren’t as optional as they used to be. Some businesses feel that any website design will do, and the cheapest website designer is the way to go. However, after years in the business, the team at BDM Media know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, websites tend to fall into two broad categories: those that work for their owners, and those that don’t. This means that web design, as with all things, needs to be carefully considered so you don’t end up with a website design that nobody can navigate or use with ease.
So, as a business owner, how can you ensure that your website, or websites, works for your business? Read on for a few tips on what to look for in your website design, your website designer, and how to ensure you’re getting the web design that your business really needs to succeed.

Considering Your Website Design

The first thing that business owners need to do when considering their website design is ask themselves one question: What do I want my website to achieve?
This question will, from the very start, put you on the path that you need to be on in order to end up with a website design that’s going to work for your business. Websites have different purposes, from informing customers, to encouraging them to call or visit a store, to guiding them towards making a purchase online. The right website design can help to achieve all of these things, because it determines how people do everything from navigating around your websites, to buying something, to getting in touch. Websites can have more than one purpose, but if you’re just starting with website design keep it simple while you’re building up your ideas.

Finding A Website Designer

The team at BDM Media has found that the thing business owners struggle with the most in their website design journey is finding a website designer that is on the same page as them, at a price that suits their investment level. Every website designer is different, and they are not all created equal. Over the years, as web design has become an increasingly necessary aspect of modern business, the website designer talent pool has increased considerably, which has only succeeded in making it much harder for businesses to find the right website designer for them.
When looking for a website designer be wary of those offering rock-bottom prices from some far-flung location. Websites need to be tweaked and improved on continually, and when your website designer isn’t accountable or accessible, this process is that much harder. Instead opt for a website designer offering a high quality service, in Australia, that includes a level of accountability and availability, to ensure you’re always taken care of.

What To Focus On In Web Design

Business owners are not in the business of website design, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they aren’t always sure what to prioritise when looking for a website designer and a web design. There’s so much involved in the business of creating websites, but here are three things businesses should definitely be considering in their web design.
Speed: People are more time poor now than ever before, and your website design needs to be considerate of that. When websites are slow to load, consumers are less likely to spend much time there because they simply don’t have time to waste. Web design needs to prioritise speed by optimising every web design aspect to ensure nothing is slowing your website down.
Mobile-Friendly: Mobile phones and tablets are everywhere, and that means that they’re more often than not what people are using to access websites. Your web design should be considerate of this, by ensuring ease of use on all platforms, from computers to phones. The best way to ensure web design that works for everyone is to opt for, or request, responsivity in your website. This simply ensures that websites resize for any screen, a key aspect of modern website design.

True To Brand: Websites are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to showcase who they are, but you would be surprised how often web design isn’t true to a businesses’ brand. From colours, to logos, to content and media, your website designer is not going to create a web design that suits you if they don’t know who your business is. This is, of course, another benefit of working with a website designer in Australia, as you can easily talk with them about your business, and what you want your website design to achieve.
SEO Considerate: SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a key aspect of all websites and really all businesses operating in an online world. However, not all websites make life easy for those building a business through SEO. There is certainly web design that makes the process for SEO harder, by not allowing for SEO scaffolding to be laid underneath the front-facing site. If you’re thinking about web design, you need to be thinking about SEO.

Getting It Right

As you can probably tell from what you’ve read so far, web design is not as straight forward as perhaps it first appears. There are levels of complexity when putting together effective websites that business owners simply may not have the experience to undertake. That’s where a company like BDM Media comes in. An expert team of web gurus who know websites and web design inside and out, they’re ready to get your business’s website design sorted by connecting you with the right website designer. Their industry connections make creating websites a breeze from businesses of all sizes, so contact them today to get your web design doing what it should be doing, and helping your business. It’s really the best choice for your business now and into the future.


When it comes to domain names for your website - there are a few truths that need to be spoken. Firstly, you need to own your domain name - It’s a critical part of your intellectual property. Secondly - Smart domain name selection can greatly promote your online business. Thirdly, you need to renew your domain to secure this business asset. Last but not least, its worth checking into your preferred domain name’s history and competition, especially where trademark infringement is a concern.
The great thing is we can help you secure the right domain name and keep it renewed. Use our Domain Name Search and Register to secure your perfect domain name. Or if you want to confirm the preferred domain name for your business, talk with one of our strategists today on 1800 770 781.
*PS - You’ll need your ABN and business contact details to register a .com.au domain name.


The main reason most website’s underperform and cost their owners money is the fact they didn’t get them right in the first place. Use this guide to capture the essential ingredients you need for a website that hooks your prospect’s attention and engages and converts more sales for your business whilst saving you time and money.
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