BDM Media agrees to provide all the services outlined in the budget estimate within the criteria specified in your proposal. If, however, there are changes to any of the criteria during the project requiring additional services, a revision fee for these services will apply.

Additional services will include, but are not limited to, changes in the extent of work, changes in the complexity of any elements of the project, and any changes made after script/project approval has been given for a specific stage of the project, including concept, script, shoot days, design and edit.

BDM Media will keep the client informed of additional services that are required and obtain approval for any services that cause the total fees to exceed those outlined in the estimate.

BDM Media reserves the right to charge additionally in the event that the client fails to meet the agreed upon deadlines for delivery of information, materials, payments, and for changes and additions to the services outlined in the estimate.

In the event of cancellation of this project, a cancellation fee will be paid by the client and will include full payment for all the work complete, expenses incurred, and hours expended. The cancellation fee will be based on the prices outlined in this estimate.

Fee for Additional Tasks /hours above quotation
- Graphics, authoring, etc $150.00 p.h. G.S.T. excluded
- Computer AFX/animation $250.00 p.h. G.S.T. excluded
- Video Editing $150.00 p.h. G.S.T. excluded
- Camera Operator & Equipment $250.00 p.h. G.S.T. excluded
- Producer $150.00 p.h. G.S.T. excluded

All external costs at supplier invoice plus ten percent.

50% to start
25% at first draft
25% on completion
Payment via direct debit or Terms within 7 days
All material and/or production elements remain the property of BDM Media until final payment has been made.
The proposal is valid for 30 days. Thereafter P.O.A.

Client has full usage of footage and or images supplied. BDM Media owns copyright of footage and or images shot by BDM Media and are not to be resold by client.

When you sign the proposal, you agree to the terms of the proposal and agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.
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