In the last 10 years there has been a total shift in the way your customers find your products and services. Directories have gone the way of the dinosaur and people have changed their habits to now search online to find what they need. Have a think about what you do yourself - pick up your smart phone or log onto your computer and search on Google or Facebook to find what you are looking for - Right? Well you are not alone.

90% of people search on Google and 96% of people never go past the first page. So if you’re not on the first page of Google you are lost online and you are almost certainly missing out on business. That means it is likely your competitors that are marketing well online are snatching customers away from you.
The great thing is, you have the opportunity to dominate the first page of Google and win the lion share of this online enquiry. Whether it’s getting to the top of the paid advertising on Google (Adwords or PPC) or ranking at the top of the natural rankings with world class Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - We can get you there - Without costing you a bundle and sooner than you might think.

So if you want to discover the power of Google and dominate the first page (and your competitors), be sure to delve a little deeper and talk to one of our digital marketing strategists and secure the new traffic and business you deserve.


Using SEO To Get Sales

Business is a tough world these days, with even specific product and service niches suffering from over-saturation and strong competition. To get ahead business owners need to embrace the future, and to grow their business sales this means using search engine optimisation, or SEO.

You probably already know the basics of search engine optimisation, which uses a variety of multi-level methods to optimise your business online in order to have it favourably ranked by search engines. While many business owners are aware of SEO, few understand how they can use search engine optimisation to their benefit, particularly when it comes to increasing sales. Here are a few things to consider on the road to having your search engine optimisation strategy provide sales for your business.

Always Use Ethical SEO

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of people out there claiming that they know everything there is to know about the industry of search engine optimisation. However, there’s a certain distinction that needs to be made between substandard SEO, and quality, white hat SEO. Specifically, any business that plans to invest long-term in search engine optimisation (which should be every business) needs to stay away from substandard SEO providers. When you use non-ethical SEO, sometimes called black hat search engine optimisation, you’re putting your business at risk of being penalised in the future by Google, which is going to send sales rapidly downhill, guaranteed.

Know Your Customers Well

Search engine optimisation is about keywords, specifically the keywords that your customers are searching when they’re looking for your business offering. That means that one part of using SEO to drive sales is to know your customers really well. You have to be inside their heads to figure out what they’re putting into search engines, and how you can make sure you’re appearing first. In terms of SEO this means having a series of quality, detailed audience identities to help you in putting together the content that you know your customers are looking for. Content is integral to SEO, and it can make an enormous difference to your sales.
Do Your Keyword Research

Most businesses know that search engine optimisation is a long game. It’s about the investment, and building a strong foundation on which your business can flourish and grow. However, to really build a strong foundation your SEO keywords have to be on point. This is where you should be putting your hours in the early days of your search engine optimisation strategy: keyword research. Get a good variety of long and short-tail keywords that represent what people are searching, and the solutions you have on offer, for a sales strategy that goes the distance.

Optimise At The End Of The Funnel

The idea of optimising for keywords at the end of the funnel comes back to knowing your audience. Search engine optimisation is really just a protracted process of getting into the shoes of your buyers, and this means ensuring positive results when they’re searching ‘pre-sale’ keywords. Prior to buying, customers search for a number of things like Your Product v Your Competitor or Alternatives to Your Service. These are the keywords you need to be dedicating yourself to ranking for, because they’re among the most important in that final decision making process before the sale. A smart search engine optimisation strategy takes these into account, so you can put your business in the best light, all the time.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is far from a simple process. However, when it’s done right by those who really know what they’re doing, it’s potentially to improve your sales and grow your business is unparalleled. Investing in SEO means investing in sales, and the sooner you start the sooner you can succeed with search engine optimisation.

Using Search Engine Optimisation to build your business

As a business owner, building and expanding the reach of your business is probably your most important objective. The most effective way to naturally reach millions of people is with optimised digital marketing — in particular using SEO to build your business. More than ever, people are using the internet to quickly and easily find the services or products they need. In this increasingly digital world, it’s SEO (search engine optimisation) that will help your business to grow and succeed.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the cornerstone of effective, natural digital marketing. SEO is the keyword strategy that experts apply to online content to make sure its quickly recognised by Google. Using SEO to build your business ensures that search engines recognise your website has the content your prospective customers want. SEO ensures your content ranks highly when prospects are seeking your particular products and services. Targeting certain keywords using SEO means you will naturally appear higher in search results lists, so using SEO to build your business and grow your customer base is an easy choice. Placing higher in search results also makes your business appear as the most reputable and relevant choice in your particular industry or niche market.
How Search Engine Optimisation Can Build Your Business

Using Search Engine Optimisation to build your business is one of the most accessible and successful methods of business growth. If you employ effective search engine optimisation techniques, your business will be exposed to more prospects than with any other method. With a marketing strategy centred around strong SEO, there is a marked increase in the exposure of your website. This strategy increases leads and, ultimately, improves sales. Smart SEO strategies are essential if you’re aiming to get to the top of your prospects’ search results and stay there.
Appearing within the top results of search engines, especially Google, is essential if you are looking to build your business. When they see your company is one of the first results for their search, prospects are inclined to trust that you are an expert in your field. Using SEO to build your business means you’re brought to the top of searches and shows that you have authority. It shows you’re the best choice for whatever products or services you offer.

While understanding what Search engine optimisation is and why you need it is simple, executing SEO can be an entirely different matter. For this reason, many companies choose to outsource their search engine optimisation tasks to specialists. SEO agencies exist to get your business the high quality, long-term results that you expect and require from your digital marketing. However, this is an industry rife with poor quality, ‘budget’ options for search engine optimisation. These companies often employ sub-par, unethical SEO, called ‘black hat’ SEO. Black hat SEO can get rapid results in the short term, but in the long term can irrevocably damage your business’s online reputation. Ethical, or ‘white hat’ SEO is how reputable search engine optimisation companies are able to build your business in the long-term.
Choosing an agency to perform your search engine optimisation can be daunting, but it’s often the smartest choice to outsource. By ensuring you select an Australian agency that makes itself accessible to its customers, and stands accountable for the SEO it performs for your business, you can ensure you’re getting SEO you can trust. With a reputable agency, using SEO to build your business is easy. If you’re looking for a long-term investment that gets real, quantifiable results over time, increases your leads, and puts your business ahead of the rest, then get real results using search engine optimisation.
The Nuts And Bolts of Search Engine Optimisation
If you’re running a business in the modern world, there’s no way you haven’t heard of search engine optimisation, or SEO. Of course, just because you’ve heard of SEO, doesn’t mean you really understand it. The nuts and bolts of SEO are enough to confuse even the savviest of business owners, but understanding a little bit about what goes into the process can help you find an SEO provider that can get you results. Don’t be kept in the dark about your SEO anymore, because better informed business owners get better SEO for their business.
Content Is King
Certainly one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign is content. In fact, the adage of the SEO world is this: Content is King. Short and simple, this motto sums up just how important content is to SEO. Google is getting smarter, so it’s not enough these days to just stuff your content with keywords, regardless of its readability. Now, Google wants content that is not only keyword-rich, but also user-friendly. This means you need to have content that tells Google you’re relevant for certain keywords, while also proving useful for human readers. The right kind of content, and the right quality of content, can make or break your SEO strategy, so it’s worth ensuring your content is top quality from start to finish.
Lead Generation Should Be Considered
In any Search Engine Optimisation strategy, lead generation simply has to be considered. While search engine optimisation will not result in lead generation by itself, the process of SEO can certainly make a positive impact on any lead generation strategies you have running. The reason behind this is simple: SEO draws the traffic you need for lead generation to be really successful. With more traffic, your lead generation has more opportunities to work because there are simply more people seeing your site and its sales content. Lead generation and sales content are definitely linked, because it’s that content that helps to get your lead generation to the next step: conversion. Essentially, if you’re building an search engine optimisation strategy, you also need to be thinking about lead generation.
Link Building Works
Search engine optimisation is a complex thing, with a number of small cogs working together to turn the wheel of search engine rankings. One of these wheels is link building, and according to some SEO experts, the hardest one to get right. Link building is something like creating a masterpiece, and it’s often done poorly, to the detriment of the business. In order to be successful at link building, you need to have an innovative approach, a budget, and some time. Link building campaigns differ greatly between businesses, and there’s definitely no one-size fits all approach. A reliable and ethical SEO provider will have solid link building techniques that they use ensure you’re getting the benefits of a well-executed link building campaign.
Meta Tags Are Important Details
If you’re one of the many businesses who initially tries to undertake SEO on their own, you’re probably familiar with meta tags. Meta tags are generally the first thing people learn about when they start to tackle SEO, but this foundational aspect is really important. Most often when people talk about meta tags they’re talking about description and keywords, but meta tags actually go beyond that. Essentially, meta tags are bits of text that describe what content appears on a page, but they aren’t actually on the page themselves, they’re in its code. So, for a search engine, meta tags are the thing that tells them what the content is all about, making them an important part of SEO.


If you’re not on the 1st page of Google your business is lost online
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