Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising For Your Business

Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising for Business

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The face of advertising looks pretty different these days, and if you don’t believe us ask any business owner. These are men and women with years, or even decades, of business knowledge and acumen behind them, finding that their companies just aren’t as successful, and aren’t as profitable, as they used to be. That’s because the very nature of consumerism has changed, moving out of the real world and into virtual online markets where there’s considerable profit to be made, if you know what you’re doing. For business owners, this means getting up to date on the most fundamental part of online marketing: Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

Allow us to help you understand both of these platforms, what their main aim is, and whether you should be using one, the other, or both.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is easily one of the biggest names in internet advertising, specifically pay per click or PPC advertising. This is Google’s advertising system, where businesses ‘bid’ on keywords relevant to their business so that their (clickable) ads appear in Google search results. You are only charged when people click on your advertisements, which means your Google AdWords outgoings are directly linked to your success in terms of new traffic. Different keywords on Google AdWords have a different cost, depending on how competitive the market is for those keywords is, and businesses have the opportunity to drive potential leads straight to their website, easily and through a reputable source.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an ad that you create for your business on Facebook. It’s delivered to Facebook users, and can be very accurate to their interests and even their buying habits or what products and services they might be interested in. This is because Facebook advertising takes into account a user’s activity on Facebook, demographic data, their device, information supplied by partners, and even off-Facebook activity. Facebook advertising is an incredibly powerful tool for reaching your market, and can be leveraged for considerable profit.


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Google Adwords and Facebook advertising - create profit from online advertising.

Which Is Better?

Once business owners are in the know about Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, the next question is always ‘which is better?”. We understand why businesses want to know which platform is going to nett them the best results, but the question isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. Both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising can be PPC, but Facebook advertising can also be pay per impression. Facebook advertising can be considerably more targeted because of all the information people give to social networks, but people are already accustomed to using Google to shop and research purchases, meaning Google AdWords has its own advantages.

At the end of the day, the decision about Google AdWords or Facebook advertising comes down to the kind of business you have, the knowledge you bring to the table, your budget, and your goals for your business. Make no mistake though, Google AdWords and Facebook advertising are here to stay, and they will change your business, if you use them right.

Buying Visits For Profit

Essentially, both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising provide an opportunity for businesses to buy visits to their website. This might sound like something you don’t want to be doing, but in fact both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising can be a fantastic way to bring more visitors to your website who actually want to be there. These ads are delivered to people who either have an interest in your product or service, or are currently looking for your product or service, which makes them pretty hard to avoid clicking on for consumers.

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