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Getting your business up and running in the digital world is no small feat, and there are a number of core aspects that go into the process. Working online means there are no guarantees but, with a digital expert at the helm, your business has a much better chance of making a smooth transition into this new market. If you’re just getting started with digital, and you aren’t sure what you should be looking into, this guide can help you to make sense of all the arms of the digital tree, working to scaffold your business into future success.

Digital marketing strategy, sometimes referred to in a shorthand as digital strategy, is key when you’re making the transition to digital within your business. If you aren’t sure what digital strategy is, it is basically an umbrella phrase containing all the activities that you do for your online strategy. A digital marketing strategy takes into account everything from SEO to social media advertising. It is intended as a highly organised marketing strategy for an online audience, encompassing people looking for your website, researching you through social media, or trying to find your service on a search engine. A smartest online strategy brings in what we know about human behaviour online, and pairs it with the latest in conversion focused persuasion for a marketing strategy that delivers consistent results towards your goals. As a business making the jump into this new medium, you simply cannot leave your digital strategy to chance. Investing in a solid digital marketing strategy is a guaranteed way to improve business prospects, and if you’re going to spend on any marketing strategy, then an online strategy should be your first choice.

Business owners, whether they’re just getting started or they are well established online, know there’s never been a more powerful tool than social media advertising. Whether you’re getting the word out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, your ability to reach your audience now more targeted and effective than ever before. Social media advertising has absolutely changed the way that businesses operate online. From targeting advertisements to personal data on Facebook, to accessing business markets on LinkedIn, and reimagining the advertisement to fit onto Twitter, we live in an exciting time for businesses making use of social media advertising. There are very few businesses who aren’t wanting to use social media advertising to their advantage, but things are not always as simple as they seem. In order to truly succeed with social media advertising, it pays to have an expert with a knowledge of a number of platforms (including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). These experts ensure the money you’re spending on social media advertising isn’t wasted, and you’re reaching all the goals you set, and more.
  • Honestly could not have achieved these numbers and the progress we made without the framework that you set up for us.
    I really hope that we get the opportunity to work with you again. We learnt so much about SEO / Google Adwords / Facebook advertising / Google Analytics.
    Thanks again for all of your help.

    Dianne Atkinson


When it comes to succeeding digitally, SEO, or search engine optimisation, is going to be both your businesses’ best friend and its worst enemy. Search engine optimisation is a highly effective method for drawing relevant and useful traffic to your website by leveraging specific SEO keywords. However, without an SEO expert, or SEO agency, many business fail to launch their search engine optimisation in any measurable way. Often, businesses find they’re merely treading water without and SEO company to guide them, or that they make some gains alone, and then plateau. This is totally normal for in-house SEO done under the eye someone who isn’t an SEO expert. When your business chooses to engage an SEO agency or a talented SEO company to handle your search engine optimisation, you know that your investment is really working for you. Over time, an SEO expert can launch your business online, ensuring that you’re found by the right people more often. For what you might spend on an SEO agency, the potential benefits are enormous, making an SEO company highly worthwhile.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is for many businesses the best thing about moving into a more digital playing field. While in earlier days you may have struggled to keep up with your customers and leads, with a customer relationship management system it is easier than ever to ensure you’re on top of all the potential your business has to offer. A CRM brings together sales and service, keeping your staff on the ball with all your customers past, present and future. When businesses start using customer relationship management systems, they never go back, and your business will be almost unrecognisable when you have the power of a CRM under your belt. Remember, the better your relationships with your customers, the better your chances of conversion over time, and that’s where the power of a customer relationship management, or CRM system, really comes into play. Any business who truly wants to grow their customer base into the future needs to at least investigate your customer relationship management options, and you may be surprised at just what a good CRM can do.

Businesses who are not currently using Facebook advertising aren’t just neglecting one aspect of their digital marketing, they’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to benefit their business in the long run. Advertising on Facebook is more than a good idea, it’s one of the best things to happen to modern businesses, and not using Facebook ads is really a disservice to everything else you’ve worked for. When you value your business, you want it to be seen, and advertising on Facebook is a fantastic way to accomplish that. Facebook advertising has the ability to be served in a highly targeted way, with Facebook ads being specifically shown to audiences based on anything from location to likes and dislikes. Facebook advertising is also a fantastic outlet to build brand recognition and loyalty, and you can definitely use Facebook ads as a creative outlet, leveraging your businesses’ unique story and approach to appeal to customers. There is so much that can be achieved by advertising on Facebook, and it’s so easy to start succeeded with the Facebook ads network. So what are you waiting for?

Online marketing, referred to in various locations as both internet marketing and web marketing, is the marketing focused work involved in your digital strategy. So, many of the things that your business will do as a part of its digital strategy will come under the category of web marketing. For companies who are just making a start in the digital sphere, online marketing is just one more term to remember, and it does start to get a bit confusing when terms like internet marketing and web marketing are also being thrown around. The most important thing to keep in mind is that whether you call it online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing, the aim is to get your company found online, build your brand, and ensure a greater chance of future success. Remember, online marketing isn’t something that happens without concerted effort, and as many business owners have discovered, it’s not just something that anyone can do. However, with the right people driving it, internet marketing can make an enormous difference to your company, making it a must for all modern businesses.


Emails have been a part of the lives of digital consumers for years, but email marketing has truly hit its stride of late. Through the advent of more readily available CRM technology, businesses have really thrown themselves into email marketing, recognising the power that emails have in reaching their customers. With email marketing, and the organisation ability of a CRM, your business can send emails to customers for almost anything. You can send emails informing them of sales, of items left in their carts, of member-specific discounts and offers. Essentially, email marketing offers you a chance to get inside your customer’s homes, without the enormous cost of television or radio advertising. With a CRM you’re able to deliver emails to customers regularly, tempt them with sales, and link them direct to your site. There’s really no way to discount the potential positive benefits of email marketing for your company, and a solid email marketing campaign is just one of the many knock-on effects of bringing a CRM to your business. If you want to reach your customers more effectively and more often, emails are an ideal place to start.

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As online mediums for advertising have become more popular, businesses have seen first-hand the incredible power that visual marketing can have on their audience. That’s why it should be no surprise that video marketing offers even more impressive returns for businesses when included as a part of a strategies marketing strategy. If you thought photo was ideal for advertising, video really takes it to another place. Videos have the ability to tell a true brand story in a highly engaging way, and when customers see your videos, they’re a captive audience. In order to get your video marketing materials out there, you’ll need a platform like YouTube. YouTube is the most visited video sharing site on the internet, and with billions of users, your videos are sure to end up in front of people who are looking for your products and services. Many businesses feel uncomfortable about the idea of video marketing. This is usually because they don’t understand the video medium, or feel that YouTube videos are not the best way to get their message across. While video may not be the right medium for all companies, investigating video marketing is still a smart choice. After all, you never know what you might achieve!

Transitioning into the digital marketplace doesn’t have to be an impossible task. With the help of a company like BDM Media any business, regardless of their niche or service offerings, has an increased chance of success online. Sometimes you need an expert to crack the code of digital marketing, and get your business flourishing all over again.

What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Company

If you’re a business looking to really invest in your digital marketing, and you’ve chosen to outsource this work to a professional digital marketing company, we salute you. It can be hard to release some of the reigns of your own business, but when it comes to digital marketing this is often the best thing you can do. Business owners have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they are not a digital marketing expert, and that it isn’t always possible to run a business and do all the work of a digital marketing agency. That’s why it’s so fantastic to see businesses making the smartest choice for their digital marketing strategy by choosing to allow a professional digital marketing agency to take care of it. So, here’s how to pick the right digital marketing expert for the job.

Before digging into the digital marketing agency you want to choose, let’s look at the ones you want to avoid. Anyone with a website has received emails from a so-called professional digital marketing company ready to help you launch your website into popularity and success. This kind of digital marketing company makes a lot of big promises, and assures customers that everything will be delivered for rock-bottom prices and with an incredibly fast turnaround. Sorry to break it to you, but this is the kind of digital marketing company you definitely don’t want to involve your business with. This sort of company offers the worst kind of digital marketing: a sub-standard, one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy that doesn’t work for anyone, and can actually harm your business in the long-term. To make a smart choice for your business, ignore the emails, and don’t ever choose a digital marketing agency that seems too good to be true.

Now that you know what not to choose, let’s look at how to make the smart choice when finding a digital marketing agency. The first thing you want to ensure is that you’re getting a digital marketing company who are reputable and accessible to you. This means it’s best to choose someone based in Australia, who you can get on the phone and who has a positive reputation that shows they know digital marketing. Next you want to be sure that the digital marketing agency you choose has time for you, that they aren’t taking on more clients than they have staff to manage them, and that they can provide the kind of individualised digital marketing strategy you’ll need to get ahead. The digital marketing company you choose should follow the rules, meaning they use only white hat approved SEO and don’t involve your business with spam methods to grow popularity. This kind of digital marketing strategy might produce some short term results, but it damages businesses in the long term. Finally, the digital marketing agency that you hire to help your company should be willing to get to know your business. Sitting down and having a talk about what you want to get out of digital marketing, and what your digital marketing strategy might look like, with goals for the short and long term. That’s how you ensure you’re really getting the right kind of agency.
If you want to see what the right digital marketing agency looks like, choose BDM Media. Reputable, accountable and Australia-based, BDM Media is a creative marketing company ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, with innovative digital marketing strategy sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Honestly could not have achieved these numbers and the progress we made without the framework that you set up for us.
I really hope that we get the opportunity to work with you again. We learnt so much about SEO / Google Adwords / Facebook advertising / Google Analytics.
Thanks again for all of your help.



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