SEO Domination – 10 facts business owners need to know now

SEO DOMINATION - 10 Facts Business Owners Need To Know Now To Get Their Website To Number 1

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

1. Google is a business directory
Managing sales in a business is very challenging. Sales follow a process starting with a lead. Leads have to come from somewhere. In the past, business used to have clear ways of getting leads. These would include activities such as letter box drops, hoping people would call back to you or see as many people as you could to drum up business, or even possibly phone people out of a phone book. All time consuming activities with a very low percentage of return.
Now Google is the one area people go to find a service. People are drawn to Google as it is a directory which lists services in your local or national area. So people need a service and then they look for this service on Google. Sounds easy. Search engine optimisation is what a business does to be found by the customer looking for your service

2. What is SEO
Search engine optimisation is simply about making your business stand out as relevant online. SEO brings your business’ website to the top of search queries’ results. This signals to your perspective clients searching online that your business is credible and achieves high results. Yet, SEO is so much more than just a way for your business to advertise itself. It makes your business website look less like a shout for your clients’ attention and more like a response to their call.
To understand how SEO works, you need to first understand how search engines work.

3. Understanding Search engines
Search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and Google are the most powerful tools in directing us to relevant information. Even compared with the rise of social media sites, search engines are the main online forces that determine exactly which websites they will navigate their web users to. The websites that search traffic is directed to are selected based on two main factors: their popularity and relevancy.

4. Determining a website’s popularity and relevancy
Search engines, like Google, use algorithms to determine the relevancy of sites and to rank them based on popularity. The algorithms use automated robots, known as “bots”, “crawlers” or “spiders”. These bots crawl through the web through links between websites to match relevant content with a search query. These links do exactly what the name suggests: link one website to another. Websites that can be reached via a link from another website are considered by search engines to have credibility and popularity. The bots then index the site as having useful content for particular search queries.
Picture it this way, search engines, like Google, are huge libraries. Like a library with books, Google stores and categorises website pages and documents. If you ask a librarian for a book about summer

food recipes, the librarian won’t go and show you every single book on food: they will pick five to ten books that they think will be most useful for what you want. In the same way Google indexes certain cites and then produces five to ten sites that are most relevant to your search query. However, unlike a librarian, Google’s algorithm will give you results instantly.

5. Do I need SEO?
SEO is all about good marketing. So the question is how important is marketing to your business?
If your site exists just for the sake of having a casual online presence, then SEO may not be necessary. But if you want your business to mean something online, you need it to show up in the place where your target audience is looking: That place is the top of the search results’ page. Major search engines like Google is where everyone looks for all their information, services, products and entertainment. So it matters to people what website pops up as the first result to their query. Once SEO helps your business to do this, you can really begin to increase your return on investment.

6. How does SEO work?
SEO works to bring about a relationship between your business and search engines. Search engines like Google look for websites that are both relevant and popular. A website is seen as relevant by Google if it has good content with strategic language. To be seen as popular, your website needs to have a connection with other sites through the use of links. SEO works to enhance and implement these aspects of your website. Another feature of SEO is that it doesn’t just get you noticed by search engines, it also works to build an organic relationship between them and your website. This relationship is very important as Google looks set to remain the dominating influence on search traffic. It is also important because search engines evolve and change. Google, for instance, is well known for updating its algorithms to look for different things in a website. You don’t want your website to become Google’s long distant friend that loses touch.
7. A Trinity
The goal with SEO, Search engines and websites is to get them working together as a trinity. This relationship grows stronger the more these three elements relate and respond to one another.
SEO, search engines and websites each play a significant role in this relationship:
• The search engine controls how the relationship should be
• the website brings in the content that the search engine needs to order and
• Search engine optimisation works to help websites and search engines communicate with one another.
Each one needs the other to achieve their maximum potential online. The more synergy they have, the more of a trinity they become.


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8. Do I need an SEO expert?
SEO moves with how search engines operate. It is a marketing strategy that pays close attention to multiple factors. Factors like, online markets, Google analytics, social media, content and site architecture to name some. This means that SEO is not a one-time update to bump up rankings. Like marketing, SEO is a constant and careful practice that adjusts your website to the changing online environment.

An SEO expert has an insight into the large complexities involved in SEO and search engine operations.
Of course, there is a lot of information and resources on SEO available for you to understand how it works. But even if you are capable of doing SEO yourself, it requires the time and attention that a full time job demands. Your business alone has its own intricate and complex aspects that demand your full attention. An expert can completely devote and attend to every aspect of the whole process.

SEO Search engine optimisation is the process of creating the best rankings for your business website.

9. Your target audience online
To understand and cater to your audience, you need to know what they’re doing or looking for online. Understanding how they approach search engines to find what they want, can help you communicate to them. Once you understand your perspective clients’ behaviour online, you can begin to speak their language. How your clients behave online is represented in their search queries.

10. How long until I am in front of my target audience
Search engine optimisation does take time if done properly. You need to allow Google to reindex all of the work you do to a website before it sits in front of you best customer.
SEO in general has a 3 month progression pattern. The first 3 months the website will be reindexed by Google, move ranking in different searches, and reset previous work done.
At 6 months a website should have 30 percent of key words onto the pages targeted. So for 10 key words, 3 should be ranked on page one of the relevant search terms.
At 9 months the website should be highly ranked in the industry it is within, and at 12 months the progress in these search terms should be a near peak levels. Eg page 1 number 1,2,3

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