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SEO Search Engine Optimisation starts with understanding digital marketing

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SEO Audit

SEO Audits - The business landscape in Australia has changed. There is a real shift in the way people are marketing their business. Businesses are now promoting themselves in unique ways which focus on specific target markets and demographics. SEO Search Engine Optimisation is the process in which businesses are creating the perfect content and formula to be in front of customers when they are looking to buy on Google. Pay Per Click advertising through Google is now the best way to get instant interested paying customers to your website. Social media posting and advertising having followers and customers exposed to a selling Brand. The combination of digital advertising, SEO work and online investment is often the reason your competition is getting to your potential customers.

What are You Selling, who are your competitors and Who is Buying?

The first thing in business is to deliver a clear message of what you are selling and who will be buying it. Do you know your customers, do you know your products and do you know your competitors? These are the three most important questions you need to know before promoting your product online.

Before you look at promotion of your products you need to know, can Google see what I am selling? This is very important because not all websites are easily read by Google. Depending which platform you are on, there are different things Google is looking for. Who is my competition in my industry? This is key to knowing which other businesses are fighting for the same customers as you are. Who is your perfect buyer (Avatar) What are the habits of this person? What devises does this person use? What advertising platform does this person use? Once the information from these three areas becomes clear, then you can look at action that is needed to be taken to gain volumes of the right traffic for your business.

Understand the Analytics

If you can measure the current situation you can create positive outcomes off this information. Learn about the analytics. Any website has the potential to show valid information on the amount of people travelling in and out of the site, demographic, and what device they are using. This is important to understand because knowledge is power. Understand the analytics and the work needed becomes clearer.
Know your Competition

If you know who you are up against and what they are doing online then you know what you have to do to beat them. It is as simple as this. A key word search in an industry will tell you who else is selling the same product you are. These competitors have done work to get the position on Google, this is search engine optimization or SEO.
Businesses now have the power to beat large companies through knowing what is needed to beat them through Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Understand where your business is sitting online

• Key word ranking – A key word is the term someone enters when looking for a thing or product on search engines. What key words are getting the customers you want for your business?
• Social Media – How does your business compare when analyzed against your competitors. Posting and advertising, does your business appear constantly in social media. Are you creating the correct hash tags for your targeted audience.
• Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is essential for online visibility for your business. The process of search engine optimization is a long term marketing approach so that your business will appear in searches on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Understand your business competitors - Get your Competitor domination Analysis Report

See the business and customer trends in your industry
Any industry will see peaks and troughs in need for a product. Know where to look when planning a marketing campaign. When a digital marketing push campaign is being prepared for, you need to understand the potential amounts of people you are marketing to at that particular time.
Most industries are affected throughout the year to a degree by different holidays, financial periods, eg end of financial year, and festive periods. Know these trends and you can anticipate a certain result.

Know what work needs to be done on your website
With all of the information gathered in these areas you can make a decision on a course of action. Understanding the problems your website has, either showing on search engines, or the need to change messages promoted on your website, can be the difference in your business success levels.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of developing a listing within key word searches on search engines such as Google. Google lists the best version of what a person types in to get information on in the form of a website. A businesses website can rank number one on search engines if the best version of the information required through key word searches is

Competitor Domination Analysis Report
BDM Media offer a complimentary Competitor Domination Analysis report before any work is done on websites. The report outlines a number of pivotal information areas to understand a business.
• What is the business selling?
• Key words used in this industry
• Where is the businesses website sitting currently
• Who are the main competitors in this industry relative to key word searches
• What are business competitors doing to beat you online
• A solution to gaining a better online standing in the eyes of Google and social media

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