Tap into the world’s biggest social networks. You’ll have the keys to accessing millions of Australians with targeted Social Media Advertising Campaigns.


With more than 13 million users in Australia alone, you can connect with your niche and drive them into your business so you can dominate your competitors.


With video continually impressing as the medium of choice for users (and the 2nd biggest search engine in the world) don’t miss out on the YouTube juggernaut.


If you operate in the Business to Business (B2B) space, you have the opportunity to connect with your target audience and secure their business.


In the image rich world of instagram there are a wealth of prospects you can target with your products and services & drive exponential profits.


Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram are so much more than social networks. They now in fact deliver great opportunities for you to access your ideal customers and drive them into your sales funnels to convert into revenue. It is likely some of your competitors are already tapping into these markets and accessing clients that could otherwise be yours.Digital marketing is one of the most essential components of a businesses’ strategy in the world today, allowing them to reach an increasingly wider audience and helping them stay connected in the global marketplace. Of course, digital marketing and online advertising come in many forms. From social media advertising to effective search engine optimisation, there are myriad methods to choose from, and most businesses recognise that harnessing the most effective and applicable strategies is essential. Social media is an essential arm of any digital marketing strategy, and choosing the appropriate social media platforms for social media advertising — those platforms that are most relevant to you and your prospects — will optimise your marketing strategy and promote your business, eventually leading to an increase in leads and sales.
Social media advertising is gaining a strong foothold in the advertising world. According to experts, business spending on social media advertising is set to overtake spending on television advertising in the near future, as more and more businesses recognise the immense power that social media holds. The prevalence of social media advertising is directly related to the power of social media to provide a highly specific, detailed understanding of your target audience, thereby exposing your material only to your potential prospects, optimising your advertising strategy and budget. Determining what kind of social media advertising is best for your business is an important step to successful online marketing.

Campaigns work better for some industry sectors better than others, and we’ll be more than happy to provide recommendations on the best places for you to direct your social media advertising spend and how to make it a massive profit generator for your business.

How Social Media Advertising Works

Social media advertising methods differ with the social media platform in question, but essentially offer targeted advertising based on a wide range of factors. These factors can be anything from age demographic to location to interests, and can be as specific as career, habits and behaviours, significant life events, or ethnic affinity. Social media advertising is effective because it relies on the information that social media platforms collect about users. Because social media platforms are essentially designed to help users publicise certain aspects of their own life and behaviours, they naturally contain a wealth of information about users’ interests. This means that users’ activity on various social media platforms can, in turn, accurately determine where their interests are, and therefore which products and services they may be interested in.

Social media advertising is a key component of digital marketing for every business, and because of its highly customisable nature, has become the most effective way to market businesses online. When combined with equally strong digital marketing strategies outside of social media, social media advertising can expose your product or service to exactly the right market and allow your business to expand online.

How Social Media Advertising Will Change Your Business
The world of business advertising certainly doesn’t look like it used to. Gone are the days of billboards and mailed DL size brochures and coupons. Now, the online marketplace is where the action is, and social media advertising is an enormous piece of that pie. So, if you’re a business owner looking to get into social media advertising, where do you start? Well, different platforms tend to suit different purposes, and from YouTube to Facebook ads, there is a platform just waiting for you and your company.

The Basics Of Social Media Marketing For Business Owners

It’s no small feat to be relevant as a business in the modern world, and when it comes to success there’s little doubt that digital marketing plays an important role. While SEO is among the most well-known aspects of digital marketing, marketing on social media, sometimes called social media marketing, is the true powerhouse.
Of course, getting your head around social media marketing isn’t that easy. If you’ve just started marketing on social media, doing your research on social media marketing is the obvious place to start. Here are all the basics of social media marketing for business owners.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

First things first, what exactly is social media marketing? When we talk about marketing on social media, we’re talking about using social networks to get your business to a wider audience, improve brand recognition and loyalty, increase leads and ultimately get more people through your sales funnel. Social media marketing is a powerful tool, when you use it correctly, simply because so many people are using social networks right now. We are talking about millions of people, all potential customers accessible to you through social media marketing. Marketing on social media means having the opportunity to access those customers, providing you get your strategies and approach just right.

What Are Things To Think About?

Marketing on social media is not impossible to get right, but it’s something that needs to have a considered approach to work well. So, if you’re planning on implementing social media marketing into your businesses’ marketing approach, and you really should be, here are a few things to consider.

The Social Networks You Use

The core decision that you need to make when you start marketing on social media is what social networks you will be using. Many many businesses feel that social media marketing should include all of the social networks, but if you’ve just started marketing on social media it makes more sense to choose just one network initially, that encompasses the largest portion of your audience. Then, once your social media marketing strategy is well set out for that network, it’s much easier to expand into other networks. When you’re choosing a network for social media marketing, think about your businesses’ unique voice, and the reputation of different platforms.

Social Media Strategies For Success

When it comes to marketing on social media, you need to know that strategies are key if you ever want to achieve any kind of success. Social media marketing is not about winging it, because at the end of the day you aren’t going to be able to look back and see where you’ve come from if you don’t know where you are and what you’re doing up front. When marketing on social media think about how you’re going to measure success, the goals that you have, and the strategies that you want to be using. Read up as much as you can on social media marketing, and think about all the different things your competitors, and those who are succeeding, are using to their benefit. Social media marketing is about implementing different strategies, seeing what works for you, and then tweaking your approach bit by bit until you’re marketing on social media like a pro.

Your Social Media Advertising Investment Level

Like all things, marketing on social media does come down to money. The money that your business is willing to spend on social media marketing will be directly linked to the speed at which you want to grow your social channels, and the goals that you have. When marketing on social media, the money you spend should be seen as an investment. Social media marketing is about growing your audience on different networks, and ensuring that when you have something to say, there are lots of people who are ready and eager to listen. A large audience, who are engaged in what you’re posing, is the core goal of any social media marketing strategy. Remember, the number of fans or followers alone is not always a good indicator of your success when marketing on social media. While you might have gained more fans, their engagement in your content is the true indicator of social media marketing success, so don’t get too caught up in just one analytic indicator, focus on the big picture.
How Do I Get Social Media Marketing Right?

Now that you know a bit about marketing on social media, and specifically the things you need to be considering in your social media marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering how you can get your social media marketing right. The fact is that businesses don’t have the time or the money to be wasting their marketing investment on social media marketing that isn’t working. In the world of marketing on social media, experts really can come in handy, which is why more and more businesses are choosing to stop doing social media marketing in-house, and outsource to experts.
There are a few reasons that it makes sense to outsource your social media marketing to experts. For one, they know all about marketing on social media, and from the early days of planning to putting strategies into place they are on the ball with the latest approaches to growing your business successfully through marketing on social media. For another they’re always on top of changes to the algorithms changing in social networks, which can drastically effect the success of your social media marketing on any given day. Experts keen their finger to the pulse of social media, and that helps keep your business beating.

Finding A Social Media Marketing Expert

When you’re searching for an expert to take the task of marketing on social media off your hands, you need a company like BDM Media. With a team of social media marketing experts, this Australian-based company is all about long-term sustainably growth. They don’t subscribe to shoddy, underhanded, black hat social media marketing techniques focusing on fan numbers only, but instead work to elevate your marketing on social media with smart strategy, and a strong emphasis on audience engagement. If you’re looking for the social media marketing experts, you’ll find them at BDM Media.


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With more than 13 million users on Facebook in Australia alone, you can connect with your niche clients sooner and drive them into your business. With Facebook Advertising you can find the right people, capture their attention and lead them through to a sale. Sounds easy - Right? You’ll be able to target specific prospects based on their age, location, gender as well as their interests, hobbies, professions, what they talk about on their personal profiles and even by the Facebook pages they like. With these insights, you can forget about broad audiences, instead targeting your ideal clients and lead them through to sale. It starts with strategy, reinforced with stunning creative and advanced targeting to maximise your results. Talk to us about developing a highly targeted, highly effective campaign to ambush your ideal prospects and lead them through to your products and services, before they get a chance to check out your competitors. Facebook ads in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Canberra, Gold Coast or any where in Australia.
Facebook Advertising Targets Specifics
If you aren’t sure Instagram advertising or YouTube advertising is the right fit for your business, then Facebook advertising certainly will be. Highly targeted and very effective, Facebook advertising is almost always the first stop for brands looking to get into social media marketing, and for good reason. Facebook advertising offers considerable choice for businesses in creating tailored Facebook ads that can be fine-tuned as required. Facebook ads offer clear analytics to ensure you’re seeing where your Facebook advertising is succeeding, and the platform has a highly mobile audience at their disposal. For almost any brand, and almost any product or service, Facebook advertising represents a smart investment for both the short and the long term.
Whether you’re looking for powerful Facebook ads, or you’re just starting with Instagram, YouTube and Facebook Advertising, there’s no denying that social media is a force in the world of marketing. In order to ensure your business is getting the most out of social media, make sure your YouTube, Instagram and Facebook ads are in the hands of an expert team like BDM Media. We know these platforms inside and out, so we can get all your social media marketing, from YouTube to Facebook ads, operating like a well-oiled machine.
So, if you’re looking to take your social media marketing to a new level, or simply get it off the ground, get in touch with the expert team at BDM Media. We’re ready to talk to you about how social media marketing can benefit your company, right now.


Video has gone from being a nice-to-have to a must have. With over a billion videos on average watched every day and mobile viewers averaging 40minutes per session - YouTube videos are a true part of our social fabric. The great thing is, you can place either Video Discovery Ads or In-Stream Ads in front of targeted clients with powerful video messaging at a fraction of the cost of Google PPC adverts. The secret lies in the messaging and the execution. You’ll be surprised just how cost effectively we can produce, manage and report on your YouTube advertising whilst generating a handsome ROI for your marketing spend. Running Youtube advertising in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Canberra, Gold Coast or any where in Australia. Youtube Advertising To Tell Your Story.
YouTube advertisement may be the last channel for social media ads that businesses look into, despite the fact that YouTube advertising can be highly effective. The place where YouTube advertising really shines is in capturing your customer’s attention in a visual way. From short clips to longer narratives, YouTube advertisement gives you a chance to really tell the story of you and your business. With more than one billion unique visitors to the site every month, there is so much potential for businesses who embrace YouTube advertising. While YouTube advertising does have risks as a more intrusive advertising medium, the benefits to a brand in terms of customer reach, building brand loyalty and recognition, and crafting a memorable brand story, cannot be ignored.


If you’re time poor like most busy professionals, attending networking events often goes to the back of the list. Fortunately you can make connections and grow your business network thanks to LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with like-minded professionals - but more importantly it’s a dynamic marketing platform for reaching out to and engaging prospects. With more than 430 million users, LinkedIn boasts a powerful ad platform for you to target your
niche. So does it work? You bet it does, and if you want a hand to use LinkedIn Ads to connect with your target audience, we’re here to help in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Canberra, Gold Coast or any where in Australia..


With 500 million active users each month, Instagram delivers a great opportunity for you to reach your target audience through Instagram Ads. The great thing is, the ads can look very much like regular posts, making them less invasive than other ad types. And you’ll be able to target people by location, age, gender, interests, behaviours and more (including custom and lookalike audiences) ensuring your advertising hits its mark. The great thing with Instagram ads is the high engagement rate - People are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram than Facebook. It all starts with a great strategy. Talk to one of our Instagram strategists today and generate a wealth of new leads for your business in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Canberra, Gold Coast or any where in Australia.Instagram Advertising For Visual Brands. For visually focused brands with a strong brand image and creative ideas, there’s much to be gained from Instagram advertising. As a starting point, Instagram advertising offers the opportunity to reach your audience from a pool of 700 million unique users. Instagram advertising is also non-intrusive, appearing seamlessly in an audience’s feed. While this means your Instagram advertising needs to make an impact, it’s unlikely to annoy customers as YouTube advertising is at risk of doing. Instagram advertising offers enormous engagement rates on the platform, as well as impressive return on investment. Even better, Instagram advertising now offers total Shopify integration, so it’s even easier to convert your leads into sales. Clearly, Instagram advertising is a smart choice for visual brands, so don’t hesitate in checking it out.


A key focus of the marketing budget of many businesses and an essential component of marketing in a digital world, social media advertising is gaining traction among the most effective forms of advertising today. Attracting the highest spending of any advertising method, social media advertising is recognised as an efficient way to gain targeted exposure with highly specific audiences. As such, social media advertising is a cost-effective and high-reward method of advertising your business, and yet many business still aren’t investing in it.
Of course, finding the right social media management for your social media platforms is essential. With the sheer volume of social media platforms available today, and the varied requirements of effective social media advertising across those platforms, many businesses choose to outsource their social media management to experts in digital marketing, in order to utilise social media to its greatest potential.
Social Media Advertising
The major appeal of social media advertising is its specificity. Businesses using social media advertising effectively are able to tap into the wealth of information held within the framework of the social media platform in question. They can then utilise this information to make decisions about when, where, and to whom they need to display their advertising content.
Because social media is, in essence, a place for potential customers to display their personal information, preferences, buying potential, and tastes to the world, there is a wealth of information that can be used to execute effective social media advertising. For advertising of any kind, targeting the right market is the key to success, and of course social media advertising is no different. With the right social media management, any business can leverage the vast well of information available through social media, and use it to target its social media advertising in the most effective way.
With options to target certain demographics, age or gender groups, likes and dislikes, and people who participate in certain activities, social media advertising allows for the highest level of specificity of any advertising format. Well-executed social media management is, therefore, the best way to target an audience of potential clients and customers.
The scope of social media has stretched much further than any other traditional form of advertising — its reach is global, and its influence is unlimited. With over 2.5 billion users of social media worldwide, social media advertising and marketing can reach a greater number of potential leads than any traditional advertising method, meaning that excellent social media management is a key factor in the success of most businesses operating in today’s heavily digital and global world.
How to Choose Your Social Media Management
The huge potential and scope of social media platforms means that choosing the right social media management is an important decision for every business owner. When choosing social media management, look for a reputable digital media company, one that understands not only social media, but also the wider world of internet marketing in which social media advertising operates.

Effective social media advertising and marketing strategies should operate in tandem with other forms of internet marketing. As such, your social media management becomes even more effective when executed alongside other digital marketing methods, such as search engine optimization, PPC and so on.
Though many companies offer social media management, it’s important to choose a company with a proven record for handling all forms of internet marketing and advertising, so you know you’re dealing with experts who can make the most of this essential form of digital marketing. When it comes to internet marketing and social media management, BDM Media have a record of success that our clients know can’t be beaten, and can ensure the most effective use of social media available.

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